I started Home Body Being Massage to help people feel better in their bodies. Massage and Craniosacral Therapy works with our physiology to allow healing.
 Intentional methods can help end a hyperactive neuromuscular response loop that causes chronic pain and tension. Slow rhythmic methods help our mind rest and recover from stress. Our bodies are always trying to the best they can for us. Massage and Craniosacral Therapy helps our bodies rest and recharge.

Through this work I am excited to share knowledge to empower you. I am huge on self- massage and helping you realize continuous healing in your day-to-day life between sessions.

It's time to create safety and comfort for ourselves inside. You can be still here. If there is movement in the stillness, I'm here for that as well. It's safe to feel. We are more resilient than it may seem. I know a good deal about how to help you lay the path of your healing journey.

ABOUT my work through Home Body Being Massage

I consider myself to be a very dynamic hermit. I love live music, state fairs, art shows, video games, reading, philosophy, and learning. My energy field is sensitive and I take a lot of time to myself. Duality is intriguing to me as I thrive holding space for meditation and connection in my healing work; while that night I will probably drive home listening to punk rock (or lately it's been Dream Pop). 

My past life experience has involved gardening professionally, managing and cooking on the line of restaurants, working in music venues, professionally cleaning Inns and homes, studying/making art, and helping run a family business. I'm no stranger to pain, injury, stress, and burn out, as I've lived them all. 

With the blessing of circumstance, and maybe even fate, I've been involved in the "World of Wellness" for most of my life. I literally grew up being trained how to feel knots and tension in tissues. Exposure to alternative health possibilities changed my life trajectory.

FOUNDER & Licensed Massage Therapist

About Kristy