Swedish relaxation massage is wonderful for easing stress tension. Receiving a methodical continuous slow flow massage while wrapped up in a warm blanket listening to instrumental music (or whatever music you would like) centers your mind and body. You can enhance the relaxation with  beneficial aromatherapy or self-aligning energy work. Or both! This is the space of rest. 
Perfect for a once-in-a-while reset or as a regularly scheduled stress management treatment,  swedish massage can absolutely help improve sleep and general well-being. 
Quality rest is vital.

I personally love swedish massage for myself to help lower my stress base line. I know I need a massage when I'm easily agitated and feel like I can't catch a break.  

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Therapeutic massage sessions are a space for an all-encompassing approach to muscle rehab and maintenance. It blends muscle rehab techniques of sports, deep tissue, and other technical manual therapies with the relaxing flow of swedish massage.

In these sessions, we are helping reduce chronic pain and  alleviate  high stress tension from over use (mind or body) by calming your nervous system and utilizing biomechanics of the body. 

This therapy is awesome for those who would like to enjoy more comfort in their bodies while moving and improved rest.

Deep tissue, sports massage, and craniosacral techniques are the foundation of my muscular/ fascial therapy techniques that provide me with a wide range of approach.  Every person and pain is different. Sometimes I may utilize passive/ active movement, PNF stretching, cupping, hot or cold compress, topical analgesic, aromatherapy, SMRT or energy healing.

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Craniosacral Therapy is a body therapy that impacts the central nervous system in a way that works with the mind+body as it is truly one in the same.
 Tension in our fascia can restrict our central nervous system in ways that inhibit and interfere clear communication between our brain and body.  The light touch of CST allows me to feel for those very distinct fascial restrictions that could be influencing your Central Nervous System and help your body move in the way that it has quietly been trying to.

Craniosacral Therapy can be beneficial for those who have menstrual cycle disorders. headaches, TMJD, GI disorders, sinus issues, and chronic pain. As well as help those who experience trouble with attention, depression, and anxiety.

Experience Stillness

Manual Lymph Drainage is a manual therapy that stimulates the lymph system to support the body's immune system and reduce swelling. 

Our lymph system carries water and protein from the space between our cells to drain it back in to the cardiovascular system.
Sometimes, our lymph system can use a little help getting things moving. Like when we feel like we're having trouble fully recovering from a cold. Or, we work on our feet a lot and experience swelling in our feet, ankles, and legs. 

Manual Lymph Drainage is also specifically useful in symptom management of Type 1 and Type 2 Lymphedema. MLD promotes lymph flow and redirection of lymph to help your body take care of itself.

Because lymph is carried from the spaces between our cells, it is easy to imagine that MLD can improve inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain. As well as improve skin, gut, dental, muscle and joint health. 

From personal experience, after receiving a few hours of MLD in a week over the course of 3 days, the health of my skin has drastically improved. And, I am living with noticeable immune system improvements.

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