Swedish relaxation massage is a methodical continuous slow flow massage that is absolutely wonderful for helping with stress, getting more rest, and a little slice of vacation from the world.

Those who receive regular swedish  massage often enjoy more restful sleep and a higher mental resilience. It can become easier to relax in general. 

Consider an aromatherapy add-on for added relaxation.

Take a mini-Vacation

Therapeutic massage is an approach that helps you take care of your muscles. It can help you recover from injury and chronic pain that most likely adds to your mental stress. 

I work with relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, and craniosacral techniques to help create comfort in your movements. 

Cupping, aromatherapy, heat/cold, and topical analgesics may be used.

Find Freedom in movement

Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch therapy sequence that addresses important  areas an regions that tend to be tense (head/neck and lower back). Tension in our fascia in these areas affect tissues that protect our Central Nervous System.  The light touch allows me to feel for those very distinct fascial restrictions that could be influencing your Central Nervous System and help your body move in the way that it has quietly been trying to.

Chronic lower back pain, headaches, and TMJ tension are a few examples where Craniosacral Therapy can be beneficial. 

Clients who utilize CST find it to be very peaceful and calming; in addition to experiencing increased confidence in their movements.

Experience Stillness