I am glad you are making time for yourself

Whether you are interested in Massage because you need an hour to yourself to calm down or you would like to feel less pain and tension, I am super happy for you. Massage and Craniosacral Therapy can help you experience more freedom in the movement of your body and mind. 
My intake process tends to take a little more time than you are used to. I am very interested in how you are feeling in your body and what your typical day looks like.  

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Please review appointment Rules DOWN BELOW before scheduling an appointment
by scheduling you are agreeing to these rules

Before you book

  • Massage is a close contact therapy. If you have had a fever in the past week, not been feeling well in anyway, notice any different skin developments, or any combination of the sort - Please see a doctor
                  Even beyond Covid, communicable illness is a very serious thing. I do not work when I have a cold. There are some illnesses that would prevent me from working for 2+ weeks. We are all responsible for each other (and the earth, but that's another conversation).

  • If you have recently had a a sudden muscle injury or intense pain anywhere on your body, and that is why you're seeking massage, please see a doctor first.
                  Massage can exacerbate inflammation from sickness or injury and cause further injury. Although I am pretty informed about muscle health and overall                                 wellness, I am not a doctor. I cannot assess or diagnose injury or illness.

  • Both you and I are protected by law with the right to refuse a massage session or to end a session early, for any responsible reason. Including being uncomfortable. I am protected by law to require a doctor's note for any reason I deem as necessary. I intend to honor myself, you, and the rest of the people I work with.
  • If in the event I refuse service for lack of doctor's note or because of health + safety concern and you have pre-paid for the session, the session value will be honored for the following appointment.
  • If in the event I refuse service or end a session because of any inappropriate behavior, language, insinuation, direct or indirect sexual solicitation, there is no refund and you will be banned from booking with me again. 
  • I do not work with people under the age of 18. My office does not have the space to accommodate supervision of a minor for treatment. Supervision is required in Massachusetts and honestly a very ethics based requirement. 
  • Children are not allowed to wait in the waiting room while you yourself receive treatment. Seriously. If you wouldn't leave them at home unsupervised, you cannot leave them in the waiting room unsupervised.
  • Cancellation policy: As of 7/25/2022 I will allow same day cancellation. No Call No Shows will be charged 100% or prevented from booking with me again. If you have a Groupon voucher I will require that you email your voucher number or put it in the notes. With a No Call No Show, I will claim that voucher as redeemed.
***Letting me know something came up that prevents our appointment from being honored, is cool with me. Not contacting me and leaving me hanging is not cool.
  • Stay Hydrated. Talk to your doctor about proper hydration and what your liquid intake should be.
  • Be willing to learn to be easy on yourself. Healing and wellness is literally a life long relationship with your body. Kindness always always goes a long way in your relationship with yourself.