I am glad you are making time for yourself and honored to help you relax

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There is no time like the present moment. 

You've waited this long for a good massage and you are just clicks away from making time to make it happen. 

If you don't see the time you need this week, another week is your next best option.

Trust me, I wait until I absolutely need a massage and WISH I could get the appointment ASAP this week. But I schedule even if it is weeks out because I know I will still probably need the appointment.

And I'm telling ya, making an appointment with me is worth the wait.

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I customize every appointment.
In any given session I may utilize a variety of Massage Therapy approaches, Energy Work, Craniosacral Therapy, or Manual Lymph Drainage Massage.

Scheduling a specific type of appointment simply tells me what approach you are most called to.

Prenatal/ Postnatal Massage is an option!

I always ask if the use of any particular skill is ok. I never will do something without your awareness and consent. 

Although I am capable of most massage pressure intensities...
People mostly see me for low-intensity deep tissue massage because muscle pain recovery doesn't have to be stressful.
*Please note* Low-intensity deep tissue tends to move slower and may require more time.
Please consider springing for an extra 15 minutes for yourself if you would like a pain focus integrated in a whole body massage.

Craniosacral Therapy Program
for Headaches + Migraines

4 Appointments of Craniosacral Therapy may help reduce the severity and frequency of Headaches or Migraines.
You're probably doing everything you can to minimize your symptoms. CST can be a great addition to take your cranium pain relief that much further.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage
for Type 2 Lymphedema due to Breast Cancer surgery

4 appointments of MLD to help reduce swelling in your arm, chest, and/or torso that may happen from mastectomy lymph node removal. Manual Lymph Drainage helps move your lymph to other lymph nodes to be taken back in to the cardiovascular system. 
We also discuss self-touch techniques to manage swelling between appointments.
I am certified in MLD for Lymphedema through Klose Training.

For more information and pricing check out HEALING PROGRAMS in the schedule options.

Please take the time to review HBBM's Policies at the bottom of the page.

Some policies will be re-iterated in other documentation and notices.

Policies Updated 8/14/2023

  • Massage is a close contact therapy. If you have had a fever in the past week or have not been feeling well in any way. - Please see a doctor
         Even beyond Covid, communicable illness is a very serious thing. I do not work when I have a cold. There are some illnesses that would prevent me from working for 2+ weeks. We are all responsible for each other (and the earth, but that's another conversation).

  • If you have recently had a a sudden muscle injury or intense pain anywhere on your body, and that is why you're seeking massage, please see a doctor first.
 Massage can exacerbate inflammation from sickness or injury and cause further injury.
Although I am pretty informed about muscle health and overall wellness, I am not a doctor. I cannot assess or diagnose injury or illness.

  • You may end the massage session at any time for any reason. Including simply not enjoying the treatment.
  •  I may require a doctor's note acknowledging massage is safe for your health if you are being seen regularly for cardiovascular issues, autoimmune, cancer, and other conditions. 
  • If in the event I refuse service for lack of requested doctor's note or you arrive to your appointment sick or unfit for the appointment, it will be considered a no-show appointment. You will be turned away and charged for the appointment.
  • If in the event I refuse service or end a session because of any inappropriate behavior, language, insinuation, direct or indirect sexual solicitation, you will be charged full price (non-discounted) for the appointment and you will be banned from booking with me again. 
  • I do not work with people under the age of 18. My office does not have the space to accommodate supervision of a minor for treatment. Supervision of minors is required in Massachusetts.
  • Children are not allowed to wait in the waiting room while you yourself receive treatment. Seriously. If you wouldn't leave them at home unsupervised, you cannot leave them in the waiting room unsupervised.
  • Cancellation policy: Cancellation within 24 hours will be charged $25. No Call No Shows will be charged 100% or prevented from booking with me again. 
  • Stay Hydrated. Talk to your doctor about proper hydration and what your liquid intake should be.
  • Be willing to learn to be easy on yourself. Healing and wellness is literally a life long relationship with your body. Kindness always always goes a long way in your relationship with yourself. 

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