Inspiration for my Office’s Vibe

September 8, 2023

I’m an artist. I studied Fine Art Ceramics in college. I had a whole studio set up that I moved around a bunch but never got to actual utilize to the fullest. I sold it all to afford Massage School. Literally. All of my paint and 2D media, most of my tools, my throwing wheel, my kiln, and about 100 vintage plaster molds.

My time working with clay really sharpened my sense of feeling in my hands. I learned about design and the essence of capturing an experience. To direct someone’s attention into a specific lens of perception.

I spent a lot of time exploring philosophy and the WHYs for art. Discussing and thinking about those lofty subjects is merely a symptom of how my brain works.

My art practice has been a lot about me expressing my emotions or sharing an atmosphere I’ve experienced in (day)dreams.

For the office I really wanted to create a space of rest and neutrality. Like laying in the grass in a hidden inlet of large rhododendrons.

It was fun to design my office. Everything in the room is considered. The wallpaper really set me off, dictating the color scheme and feel of the room. It was also the most recent addition. I had my eye on it for a little over a year before I could afford the paper.

There a few sculptures in my office that I started in college and now I consider to be finished pieces.

I say started instead of made, because I have found through time that my art practice has a very slow fate oriented timeline. Things speak to me and I keep them around until I can make sense of how they belong.

The Terrarium Guy

Polarity Pool

I recently have been buying art tools and supplies again to use for HBBM.

Up until recently, it was very difficult for me to design something and then actually make it. Most of my art practice is very random chaos framed into something that hints at making visual sense. Like clouds, but marks of color.

I honestly suspect it’s because I am the most relaxed I have ever been in my life. As well as my time spent away from social media. I had been chronically online since well before facebook was public in 2009. This year I stepped away from social media. Right now, I am using instagram from my computer to share my art and design stuff.

There are tons of reason I’m not on social media, even FB for the business. That’s another blurt for another time.

Now, I’m flexing my crafting muscles making flyers and thank you cards for HBBM.


Is all I can say

Here are some things I’ve drummed up inspired by my drive behind HBBM and the sincere gratitude I feel having met the people I’ve worked with so far.

I hand stamped 140 of these damn things!

Thank you cards w.i.p.

thank you card paintings^\/

Chair Massage flyer/post

2d Collage and digital art

Check out my schedule to visit my sculptures because the photos of them don’t do them justice.

The massage is just a bonus.

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